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Importance of Google Maps & Their Coupon Offer
Restaurant Marketing: Having a listing, a coupon, photos and even video are all the great restaurant marketing elements that Google offers restaurants for free that you should take advantage of.'s Joel Cohen talks about Google Maps and their coupon offer.
Google Offer

Cracking The Restaurant Marketing Code Pt. #1
Restaurant Marketing: It's one of the toughest restaurant marketing challenges, seventeen restaurant marketing questions; answer them correctly and you've cracked the restaurant code to successfully marketing your restaurant.
Crack The Restaurant Marketing Code Pt #1

Cracking The Restaurant Marketing Code Pt. #2
Restaurant Marketing: Second part of the questions; tough restaurant marketing questions. Crack the code
Crack The Restaurant Marketing Code Pt #2

Cracking The Restaurant Marketing Code Pt. #3
Restaurant Marketing: Final questions in part three of cracking the restaurant marketing code. Take all three parts and you've got the foundation of running a successful restaurant.
Cracking The Restaurant Marketing Code Pt. #3

How Not To Treat Guests - Famous 5 Easy Pieces Restaurant Scene
Restaurant Marketing: From the iconic movie, here's the great restaurant clip on how not to treat a customer.
Treating Guests -Famous 5 Easy Pieces Restaurant Scene

Powerful Ideas
Restaurant Marketing: A great website to find some powerful ideas.
Powerful Ideas

Mom n Pop Marketing vs Reward Marketing
Restaurant Marketing: A look at what really works, then a look at reward programs. You choose.
Mom n Pop vs Rewards

Developing A Customer Promise Statement
Restaurant Marketing: Every restaurant needs to develop a promise to your guests, so that management and employees are on the same bandwagon.
Customer Promise Statement

Two Burger Joints: Fuddruckers and Steak 'n Shake
Restaurant Marketing: Take a tour of two of my favorite two burger joints - Fuddruckers and Steak 'n Shake. The reason I like them so much is the way they merchandise their food. What you see inside the restaurant is a dining experience all unto its own. Click to go to the video.

Increase Sales Through Reciprocation
Restaurant Marketing: It's amazing how many companies and people want your money but don't reciprocate. How could your bank manager and accountant do the best job for you without experiencing your restaurant first-hand? An amazing video - gets you thinking about your vendors. See the video here.

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Crack The Restaurant Marketing Code Pt #1

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